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LiCa Scientific Recruitment

LiCa Scientific is a growing company which has plans to expand in 2022. We have been in business since 2016 and in this time have developed into a regular supplier to global fine chemical and pharmaceutical companies. This gives us an excellent client base to build from. We are a company which has grown organically and in response to market demand, and we anticipate this will mean we require two further consultants in 2022.

Tec5 USA

Manufacturer of on-line process spectrometers utilising UV-Vis, NIR, Raman and LIBS methodologies.

Enabling True Process Verification Ensuring Consistent Quality Minimising Waster and Reducing Rework Enabling Closed Loop Controls


Hydrograph is a revolutionary company making high quality graphene and other nano materials using a unique process which conveys significant ecological advantages. Their patented Hyperion system is modular, scalable and proven to use the lowest amount of energy in the industry, while producing no waste.  HydroGraph Clean Power is an innovator in nanotechnology with a patented detonation synthesis technology producing pristine graphene and pristine functionalizations