We value quality over quantity. We are all former scientists here, and this means we understand both our clients and our candidates on a technical level. 

What does this mean for our candidates? 

  • It means they can go into as much technical detail as desired, and we will keep up 
  • We want to take the time to get to know our candidates, and really understand what it is they are looking for and want to get out of their next job
  • We are keen to know what 'right' and 'ideal' look like to you, as an individual. We also want to know what 'not right' looks like too! 
  • We look after our candidates throughout the job searching process. We offer CV writing guides, a highly successful interview guide, and mock interviews in addition to other support from being a listening ear through to offering straight-up advice 

How do you get the best out of LiCa Scientific as a candidate? 

First of all, this sounds simple but try and have an idea of what you are looking to achieve from being on the job market in terms of outcomes you desire for your career. So much of the long term success and happiness we experience at work is down to factors away from financials as well. This list could go on forever but we see culture, commute time, product fields, travel, social responsibility, climate impact and work:life balance come up routinely. Have a think about what ‘right’ looks like and also what ‘wrong’ looks like. 

Secondly, take a look at some examples. You will see several roles on our (and others) websites at any time and quite often people arrive onto our website having first seen a job they like. However, if we haven’t got the ideal job on our website we still might be able to help you access it. LiCa Scientific has a huge network of clients and a long trading history. It is our job to fill these roles expeditiously, however, many clients have told us to ‘keep an eye out’ for candidate profiles. We wouldn’t advertise a role off the back of a conversation such as that, but could send your CV over to them therefore you never know where a conversation with a consultant here may go. Do call for a chat to discuss!  

Thirdly, be ready to go. We will quickly book you an interview if you match up to a current role however factors that can hold this up are CV’s not being fully updated, interview availability not being known (limited holidays at the end of the year for example) or another factor like waiting on a bonus to be paid which a job move would forfeit. None of this is a mistake, by all means call 'before you are ready' however if you are keen to press-ahead then do consider what factors might prevent you achieving the move you desire, and try and deal with these to either limit them or remove them altogether. 

If in any doubt - give us a call. We all work in this industry because we like to help and we always have time for a chat, regardless of the stage of the job hunting journey you are on.