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LiCa Scientific Recruitment is  a specialist in chemistry roles from bench to senior management. We are dedicated to understanding companies needs and ensuring we match equally understood scientists to the right opportunity. 


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    Todays figures from the Office for National Statistics are out and it’s no surprise to see employment falling again this time to 1.44m gi...

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    It’s that time of year again, I’m writing this as a blog this year for two reasons, one my new years resolution was to write more blogs. ...

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    Bringing a new member of the team on board in the right way has positive repercussions much further down the line than many have full app...

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    It’s freezing today in Manchester and this reminds me it’s nearly the end of 2017. That flew! Recruitment as an industry is something I’v...

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  • Communication - the key to success

    Communication is key to being successfully recruited. The phrase ‘soft skills’ is overused in HR and implies that skills like communicati...

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  • Reasons the career move works!

    During a candidate assessment on the phone last week the tables were turned on me and I was asked a question relating to my experience - ...

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  • Easter – Springtime is here….

    Springtime is generally seen as a time of renewal and rebirth, the natural world around us transforms and this invigorates us…..a time to...

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  • Interview Confidence

    Confidence Noun “the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.” Every week at LiCa Scientific we have...

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  • FAQ from University of Central Lancashire event

    During the recent event at University of Central Lancashire we regularly were asked - what year in industry / holiday job options are the...

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  • LiCa Scientific Shortlisted for award

    We were delighted to hear this week that LiCa Scientific has made the shortlist for the prestigious Pioneer 10 award, the winner of which...

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  • FAQ’s from Manchester Metropolitan University E...

    This week we were pleased to be part of an event at Manchester Metropolitan University where students had many questions for us and some ...

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  • Marginal Gains

    First of all I’ll begin this with no-cost a life hack that will have impact on your future. Wash between your thumb and forefinger every ...

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  • Welcome to 2017!

    If you’re reading this you are likely thinking about a job move – so now’s the time to put together your wish list for your next role. Mo...

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  • LiCa Expands

    Specialist science recruiter, LiCa Scientific, is expanding its operations following increased demand for talent within science and pharm...

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  • 5 signs your working for the right company

    We regularly work with individuals who are on the job market due to being unhappy in a current role however there are many signs that act...

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  • Why you....?

    Why you….? Why should a recruitment agency represent you? Why should a client employ you? Know your strengths, but also your weaknesses –...

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    Cv distribution and making job market work harder for you So recently we've seen a rise in a few CV issues that led to this blog. As mobi...

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    It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you are on the job market in which case your CV is competing with your prospective boss’...

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  • How to assess a job opportunity

    Chances are if you are on our website you’re on the job market in some way and this blog is about how to assess the postings we have on t...

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  • Better interview communication –couple of tips

    We’ve seen an uplift in interviews recently, ahead of each one of these we do a short coaching exercise with candidates, no more than 30 ...

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  • 8 Habits of Highly Successful Candidates

    Working in recruitment, we often spot candidates who seem to be in good habits. For one reason or another some people seem to have the ri...

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  • How it's done...

    This is a short review of a recruitment process with an excellent candidate we recently worked with. We started with a professionally wri...

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  • Brand:You How to have impact in a recruitment p...

    The impact you have on others is what will make you successful or unsuccessful. A famous quote on this is “they will forget what you said...

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  • Four tips on how to appeal to recruiters

    Recruiters receive a significant amount of CV’s for any laboratory jobs we advertise and it can be difficult to pick out the best candida...

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  • Apprenticeships in Science

    This article is aimed at any 16, 17, or 18 year olds looking into apprenticeships… Recently at a meeting of business leaders the apprenti...

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  • Job hunting in the North West UK

    How the market has changed in recent years, and how to get the most out of it I work in scientific recruitment in the North West and have...

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  • How to pick the right recruiter for YOU

    As a candidate seeking their next career move, you’ll have a defined idea of what you’re looking for. Out there are a multitude of recrui...

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  • CV writing advice

    ​CV Writing Guide Your CV is your initial contact with a company. It’s one of the most important documents that you’ll ever write and gen...

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"If you are looking for a role in chemistry I would have no hesitation in recommending Lica Scientific to you. Louise Hall, from recruitment, helped me through the whole process from the interview through to completion.
She was very friendly yet professional and reassured all of my doubts"

PhD Analytical Chemist placed in November 2017

“Very supportive and professional, would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a chemistry role"

Temporary Lab Technician placed in October 2017

Dealing with Louise Hall was a real pleasure. She made the whole process simple and enjoyable, I was consistently and quickly updated with any changes or progress. Help and advice given before my interview was very helpful and she aided me well in both my interview prep, and prep before I started my new job. I'd strongly recommend LiCa Scientific Ltd to anyone looking for a job in the science industry”

Analytical Chemist placed in October 2017

“After having gone through several other scientific recruitment firms working with Matthew at LiCa was a breeze. They were head and shoulders above the others I worked with, finding high quality and realistic opportunities in a short time. Once interviews were secured they provided some really useful interview advice and were generally very communicative and helpful throughout. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Synthetic Organic Chemist placed in September 2017

“Matthew is incredibly friendly, dedicated and professional. Had an excellent experience working with him and found that he is always positive and committed to finding the best job.
I would absolutely recommend Matthew to anyone seeking work in the field. A pleasure to do business with.”

Analytical Chemist placed in September 2017

“It was a pleasure dealing with Louise Hall at LiCa Scientific. I was kept up to date every step of the way and had no issues contacting her with concerns. The documentation I received helped a lot in my interview! Highly recommended, thank you.”

Analytical Chemist placed in August 2017

“LiCa Scientific were professional and really listened to what I had to say. Matthew kept me up to date with everything and helped with interview preparation. I received a job offer in just 2 weeks with a company that was perfect for what I was looking for. They went above and beyond what I expected.”

Laboratory Technician placed in July 2017

My experience with LiCa Scientific Ltd has been very positive. I directly dealt with Matthew Rollinson and he helped me through all the recruiting process. He is very competent and I would definitely recommend LiCa Scientific to everyone looking for the right job in science.

Synthesis Chemist placed in June 2017

I would like to recommend LiCa scientific. Very professional, friendly and supportive. Mathew has particularly been exceptional throughout the process of securing a new role.

Analytical Chemist placed in June 2017

I found Matthew to be extremely helpful. There was a lot of support and interview help offered. He always kept me updated with what was happening. Would definitely recommend them.

Analytical Chemist placed in June 2017

"Louise and Matthew were both excellent in finding me the job I wanted extremely quickly.

They provided fantastic interview preparation material and kept me informed at all points along the recruitment process.

I would highly recommend LiCa Scientific to help you get the scientific job you want"

Synthetic Organic Chemist placed in March 2017

"My recent experience with LiCa Scientific has been overwhelmingly positiven particularly my dealings with Matthew Rollinson. He is really one of the most professional, helpful and friendly recruiters I have worked with. I strongly recommend him and the rest of the LiCa team."

Analytical Chemist placed in December 2016

"LiCa helped me get my current position. Matthew was incredibly helpful in terms of preparation for the interview and providing details on the role and company. Throughout the process the communication was excellent, keeping me up to date with what was happening over the course of a month. I would recommended them highly"

Research Chemist placed in December 2016

"My recent experience with Matthew was very positive. Matthew is truly exceptional recruitment consultant and very knowledgeable. One of the most reliable recruitment agents I've had worked with. He does communicate professionally, clearly and very efficiently. He is scientifically very competent, which makes a huge difference in this type of recruitment.

I am impressed with the quality of his work and he is friendly and professional. Matthew helped me finding the right job, I found him to be dedicated, organised, and very friendly.

I am happy to fully recommend Matthew and his exemplary capabilities!"

PhD Analytical Chemist, placed in October 2016

“We have worked with Matthew Rollinson at LiCa Scientific for many years on recruitment for chemists across our company into analytical, synthesis and production, both on a permanent and temporary basis. We find this allows us to identify the best CV’s for our roles, expediting recruitment processes to interview and offer while working with a high quality shortlist. We have been delighted with the attention to detail, commitment to finding niche skills and screening interviews to provide the best recommendations to our business, we would recommend his services onto companies seeking scientific staff”

Head of Chemistry, multinational fine chemical company, August 2016

"We are very happy to have chosen LiCa in our latest search for new members to our team.

As always, Matthew Rollinson paid attention to every single detail of our requirements and supplied us with a list of Candidates, all of whom were more than suitable for the vacancy we were looking to fill.

The entire process from our initial call to LiCa, to the placing of our new employee was smooth and professional, making our recruitment process so much easier.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use this Company in the future and would highly recommend them to other Companies looking for staff."

Recruitment Manager at Pharmaceutical CMO, August 2016