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Tec5 Spectrometers feature best in class optical purity, throughput, wavelength accuracy and lowest straylight. Their OEM Components and Turnkey solutions help customers save cost, and provide real-time process verification through rapid real-time spectroscopy. 

This uses online Raman Analysers, Process UV and NIR Solutions, and Compact Near Infrared Spectrometer, and LIBS. Applications range from Semiconductor and Fine Chemistry to Life Sciences and Medical. The company has solutions for every need and the wider industries are very diverse across Biotechnology, Agriculture, Food, Beverages, and many other areas needing in-line process control. 

Why Work for Tec5 USA, Inc

Speaking as LiCa Scientific representing a lot of clients globally, we are very struck by this company’s commitment to innovation and tailored problem solving. Culturally they value trust, integrity, passion, perseverance, continuous improvement, customer focus, service and innovation.  

In joining here, you will enable companies to do more, by giving better and quicker measurements and reducing waste in their processes. 

They will doubtlessly offer a challenging research environment for whoever joins in with their business. The roles will give responsibility and ownership of defined areas, with technical and commercial training in key fields, coupled with a playbook of activities and clear direction from senior management. They are a global business that is also strongly growing. 

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Matthew Rollinson

I'm helping Tec5 USA, Inc to identify candidates and am keen to speak with individuals who are interested in the opportunities listed. I'm also interested in networking for the future if this may be an organisation you are potentially interested in down the line. 

I specialise in chemistry staffing and work at LiCa Scientific Ltd. I have worked in scientific recruitment for close to 20 years so have a lot of experience of hiring scientists, I'm also a former scientist so feel free to speak technically about your career goals. I will be pleased to hear from candidates interested in working for Tec5 USA, and am happy to take calls on a formal or informal basis.

Finally, all contact with me is always treated in strictest confidence. Your Resume / CV / Information in general, will not be released without your express permission. I am happy to schedule calls outside of working hours to make conversations easier, and do contact me to book that in. I look forward to hearing from you! 

This is a highly innovative company, offering exciting opportunities. They value trust, integrity, passion, perseverance, continuous improvement, customer focus, service and innovation.  

The interview process will begin with online interviews and progress onto visiting the premises in New York, with associted technical and personality assessments. 

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