Temporary recruitment

LiCa Scientific has invested heavily in its Temporary staffing model to ensure it positions and maintains itself at the forefront of service level and ease of use by clients and candidates. 

We see it as our place as a provider to ensure we are very convenient and not ‘in the way’ for either client or temporary worker. Our temporary clients typically are amongst the busiest organisations we work with, their managers, simply put, do not have the time for excessive administration. Therefore we have designed our temporary business unit to operate with the minimum of user-interface without diminishing in any way the integrity of the processes we run. 

For the most part, this is achieved through exhaustive searches of the best suppliers out there for timesheet based hour reporting, invoicing, payrolling, pension services, insurance and others. 

This means our processes can operate in the manner below, as you will see each part of the process is as digitised and paper free as possible and this is in constant evolution. 


Our timesheets are via Sage which means Temporary Workers typically will fill these in on the Sage App/Login on their phone/computer and once submitted they go to our payroll team and are forwarded on email to the managers who have approval. 

The process once the timesheet is in, is the Finance Department will send an invoice via QuickBooks, which is tied to this specific timesheet. Naturally this is all query able and can be easily troubleshooted. Reports can be created in seconds using this software meaning quick answer of any questions that may arise. 


Hopefully what comes across in the above, is ease of use. We want our interface to be easy and have invested heavily in this ease-of-use mission. One further advantage is that by embracing the best technology we have actually made it easier AND better at the same time. 

We very much look upon this as something to be constantly developed and improved to ensure ease of use and engagement. Your consultant will keep you posted on the latest development. 

In the meanwhile, if you would like to discuss temporary staffing please reach out for more information.