How we work with candidates

We are committed to providing the best candidate experience we possibly can. This in turn allows us to provide the best client experience. 

Our processes are designed for us to understand the key elements that will make for a successful job search for you. We strongly believe there will be several jobs out there which are ideal, and also several which will be less than ideal. The scary thing is you can be offered any of them. Our job is to help point out the best matches, resulting in higher in-job happiness for you. 

How do we do this? 

First of all you will not simply be 'put forward' to a job because you send us our CV. We will read your CV within 24 hours and provided we feel the application has merit we will come back to you. This can be on email, text, missed call or all 3. Please keep a check on your junk items while on the market. 

You will then have a phone interview with us in which we will want to know: 

  • What is your current situation, and what are you looking for?
  • Why are you looking to move away from your current role (if applicable)?
  • What features do you foresee the ideal role having, which we can look out for? 
  • What does the 'perfect job' look like to you, do you have a defined goal? 
  • What would the wrong job look like? How do we know to avoid bad moves for you?
  • Talk us through what your final year BSc project was / PhD project? 
  • What are the core laboratory techniques you are using at work / University?
  • In addition, what lab techniques are you confident in using and would like to?

Amongst other questions, we recommend having a think but also coming into this with an open mind. Your recruiter is a professional who knows the market extremely well and will have ideas along the way while speaking. Equally so, if we cannot help you we will also be honest and say so as well. 

We have a great deal of in-house information on CV writing, interview advice and specific guides such as video interviewing which are delivered via PDF, our YouTube channel and 1-2-1 over the phone. These are available to all candidates and have proven very useful.