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PhD scientist who has experience of supervision of a team. He has been engaged in research interests around with titanium carbide research, which has been coupled to an organic molecule to make a Metal-Organic (MXene) framework and using this in CO2 capture with some work in mineralisation. He has worked on many combinations within the MXene framework. Has been then characterising materials using TGA, XRD, SPS, and discovering morphology with TEM and SEM. Has experience of CO2 capture and some knowledge of mineralisation, would be interested in working in mineralisation though in the future. Statistical analysis and data visualisation bourne from the large amount of data produced during his research, his students do environmental monitoring and analysis. He has been working on the ANNOVA, T-Test, F-Test, SD. Origin and SPS (and sometimes Excel) for statistical work. Has covered C4C fields including environmental monitoring this has involved taking environmental samples and analysing these for heavy metals and organics. He has previously been supervising 2 PhD's and 2 Masters students. Most recently he's worked in supervision of staff in manufacturing of graphene related material for photocatalytic degradation and another working on graphene covalent photocatalytic degradation of contaminants. Making materials for absorption of contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors, this is in the direction of antipollution technologies. This is research in the direction of CO2 storage.
Greater Manchester
Recent PhD graduate in Biomaterials, taking in organic chemistry with particular focus on biosensors and graphene functionalisation/nanomaterials. Has extensive project management experience including working with clients and partners. Has created a range of applications of graphene including coatings and electronic applications while working as a Research Technician. Has wider experience in characterisation (Voltammetry, Raman, NMR, surface tension, UV-Vis/fluorescence spectroscopy), applicable in a range of different environments as diverse as chemistry, biology, materials. Is a strong communicator with experience of planning budgets and timescales and delivering technical outcomes to clients. Is immediately available following completion of PhD and is able to consider roles in the North West.
Experienced analytical chemist, working on specialist teams partnering with some of the worlds largest companies. Main skills lie in HPLC, UPLC, MS, and Maldi. Has extensive experience of method development feeding data into method development projects. Much of his work is working on novel/new chemistry that applies to answering complex questions using materials analysis analytical chemistry. For example projects have included biomedical research, consumer products, and biotechnology products. Project values are in the multi-millions, and his wider experience lies in the polymers market (within synthesis) and he holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry. He is based in Merseyside and seeking a role which will apply the above skills with flexibility on direction of travel, and skills which can lead onto a range of outcomes.
A former Lab Technician with 5 years of industrial post-graduate experience. Has strong skills in and around quality analysis with focus on energy market. Is keen to work in the Quality Assurance / Documentation fields of the scientific markets (life sciences, energy, chemical) and apply her skills in an administrative capacity. Communicates very well, is multilingual Japenese and has strong IT skills. Immediately available to interview or to start.
Greater Manchester
This candidate has 2 years of experience in pharmaceutical analytical chemistry. Principle techniques used within his career have been HPLC and GC on a range of dosage forms, with him working in a GLP and GMP environment. He is seeking a role within the Greater Manchester area or commutable and will bring a strong work ethic and is driven to continue developing himself as an analytical chemist.
Greater Manchester
Manchester or North West region
On application
This candidate is seeking their ideal role in synthesis chemistry. They currently live and work in Manchester and are seeking a role in the Greater Manchester area, with their desire to pursue a career in the same field as their Masters degree, which was in organic synthesis. They are keen to hear about opportunities in synthetic organic chemistry especially, and would be ideally placed into a research team working on reaction routes and molecule development.
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