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Development Chemist

Job Title: Development Chemist
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Manchester
Salary: Competitive + package (details on application)
Contact Name: Matthew Rollinson
Contact Email:
Job Published: January 17, 2021 18:22

Job Description

Development Chemist 




Competitive salary + bonus + package 


We are working with a global pharmaceutical CRO/CMO in Manchester who require Development Chemists to optimise synthetic procedures and design processes for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates on a kg-ton scale. This role is lab based and requires a good understanding of practical synthetic organic chemistry and an enthusiasm for lab work.


What you’ll do


You will be working on chemical processes, optimising reaction conditions and work-up procedures in pre-defined synthetic routes to improve product purity & yield, process robustness, process understanding and process safety. You will have the opportunity to work on a variety of organic reactions, for example protections/deprotections, reductions/oxidations, alkylations, nucleophilic additions, hydrogenations, cyclisations, metal catalysed couplings, crystallisations and many more. 


You will work closely with Project Chemists and Team Leaders to design experiments with clear aims, ultimately creating elegant and efficient processes to support manufacturing at kg-ton scale. Development reactions typically use 1-1000 g of starting material and are executed with a strong attention to detail, obtaining as much information as possible from each experiment. You will gain an understanding of requirements for scale-up and your input, observations and suggestions will be vital to the progression of process design.


You will maintain accurate records and work closely with colleagues; effective and frequent communication across the site will be required. You will interact with Analytical and QC personnel regularly and plan your work to meet project goals within required timeframes.


  • Carry out practical organic chemistry experiments as directed by Project Chemists and Team Leaders.
  • Maintain accurate records of all work carried out. Ensure project documentation is completed to a level suitable for external examination.
  • Interpret results and suggest meaningful experiments to further the progress of the project. 
  • To contribute to the successful completion of projects to the highest professional standards.
  • Work closely with Process Research and Development (PRD) Team Leaders, Project Chemists to ensure that project targets are met.
  • Work closely with PRD Team Leaders, Project Chemists to resolve any difficulties encountered in the project.
  • To complete records in such a manner as agreed in Standard Operating Procedures active in the department at the time.
  • To keep up to date with current practices and relevant scientific progress pertinent to the practice of chemistry.
  • Be prepared to travel when required such as for the purposes of technology transfer, to another company or customer site.
  • To work in a clean, safe and tidy manner adhering to company policy on 5S. 
  • Adhere to company safety policies and influence safe working practices.
  • The job holder should allocate their own time and resources to ensure that projects are completed to the required time, quality.
  • The job holder should ensure that PRD Team Leaders and Project Chemists are aware of progress and also of any problems encountered during the course of the project.
  • The job holder should be aware of all safety requirements for the working area and abide by all safety rules and regulations.
  • The job holder should organize working times to suit the needs of the project as required.
  • The job holder should allocate time for reading in order to keep up with current practice in the chemical industry.
  • The job holder must be aware of all current Standard Operating Procedures in force within his work area, and of other work areas in which they may work from time to time.
  • The job holder is responsible for their own safety and the safety of others around.
  • Prevent any colleague from working in an unsafe manner, stop any unsafe operations and report the action taken to management.
  • Provide assistance to the production department for any chemical processes which may require problem solving or the issuing of a deviation.
  • Liaise with QC to plan analysis requirements for projects.
  • Maintain laboratory standards of housekeeping, have responsibility for tasks such as solvent replenishment, waste removal, PPE supplies, laboratory consumables etc.. 


Your background


You will have a Degree or PhD in Chemistry and carried out research in a synthesis-based group. You will have a record of accomplishment in practical organic chemistry in either industry or academia and, most importantly, an enthusiasm for process development and scale-up. We are seeking a background in industrial or post graduate Chemistry on this occasion so we envisage the successful candidate to have several years of experience, the salary is not posted but will be reflective of this. 


We look forward to receiving your application!


On this occasion, LiCa Scientific is acting as an employment agency