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Why you....?

Why you....?

28 Nov 10:00 by Louise Hall


Why you….?

Why should a recruitment agency represent you? Why should a client employ you?

Know your strengths, but also your weaknesses – nobody is perfect but with good preparation everyone can give themselves the best chance. What’s on the job spec and how do your skills match up? What can you find out about the company, the department, the future prospects…..Research, research, research! 

We are scientists – good, accurate documentation is a must! And remember the basics, you might be at the top of your field, but don’t let those basics that are essential let you down.

Be inquisitive – as scientists this should be our nature, and should be applied when job hunting too. Ask the recruiters for details about the opportunity, the company, the prospects.

More importantly – when your CV has got you to the interview stage, continue with that scientific nature and ask the questions that will not only give you the information regarding the job but also lets the employer know that you’re serious about wanting to join their organisation and have come prepared!


Good Luck!