5 Things to Improve Job Hunting Results

5 Things to do to improve your job search results: 


It’s a busy time of year but also a point where a lot of plans are being made in companies up and down the country. 


We find that a lot of recruitment goes on in the last 4 ‘working weeks’ of any year and so this could be a really good moment to do a quick check of 5 quick things that will improve your chances. 


1) Appear active by getting your CV in the ‘Recently Updated’ section of any job board. This is an old trick but a good one, whereby if you go onto your profile on Reed, Indeed, TotalJobs, CV Library etc and change a small detail, be it a comma for a full stop on a CV you are happy with, you will instantly get a ‘recently updated’ tag. 

2) Update your LinkedIn with the achievements of 2021, this year was very much about recovery, growth and many people have a lot of achievements to reflect on and add to our profiles. Again this will show you as ‘active’ to recruiters. 

3) Ask LiCa Scientific to add your profile to their Candidate Search section, this is a new area of our website which allows clients to search and select potential hires. Under privacy law you need to consent to be on here, your name isn’t published however your unique database reference is. Simply request this from us and we’ll add you so hiring managers can search your profile 24/7. 

4) Consider your objectives in being on the job market, the world of work changed significantly in the last 18 months and many priorities have shifted positively. I suggest borrowing from Alistair Campbell who in his book ‘Winners’ recommends starting with Objective, moving onto Strategy and finishing with Tactics when undertaking an endeavour. Consider what your objective for 2022 is, how might you achieve it and what specific actions might get you closer to it?… 

5) Sign up for email alerts for vacancies of interest. If you are a LiCa Scientific candidate then our new website will need you to re-do this. At this time of year deadlines are all around us and having Christmas coming up does give a lot of hiring managers a focused deadline to head towards. It is a great time to be in conversations about opportunities – decisions feel like they flow a bit better at this time of year I don’t know if it’s just my perception but I always enjoy the end of a year for that! 


We hope these hints help you along with the job search. LiCa Scientific has recently re-launched it’s website and expanded significantly in 2021 so we hope that we have opportunities of interest to you and do check in with us regularly to keep updated on the roles on offer. 


November 2021 


Posted by: LiCa Scientific Ltd