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Temporary Recruitment

A £28.5BN market in the UK, temporary recruitment is on the rise. Technical sectors contribute the most to this market, over 20%.

At LiCa Scientific we have years of temporary recruitment and employment experience. We are here for when you are in need of covering a maternity, medical or other absence planned or unplanned. 

You are in expert hands on all aspects from recruitment to Agency Worker Regulation compliance, with a keen ear to the requests of candidates and clients to look for ways to improve.

There are some key areas of common difficulty in hiring temporary staff that we’d like to solve for you to make the experience better for all. Fundamentally, we believe temporary staff should be something you can request easily and quickly and have the flexibility to extend or not as business circumstances dictate.

Unique reasons to work with us:

  • Timesheet process, we use auto calculating timesheets. Significantly reducing possibility of miscalculation of hours. However you still have the option to print and write out if you prefer
  • Electronic signatures of timesheets, by you the manager then emailing this on from your own password protected email, we accept this as digital signature if you prefer this to printing and signing
  • Immediately available workforce. We talk to you our clients regularly and understand the needs you may have in future, we keep ranges of experience to choose from in our network. Our process is to then interview face to face and carry out the pre employment checks detailed below
  • No minimum contract length, if you need someone for a day, please come to us. We’ll likely not make a return on this recruitment but the important thing is we’re your partner on this and will work just as hard on this as we do your yearlong assignments
  • Reduction in fee after 6 months, it’s sometimes difficult to plan the next week in business let alone our positions in 6 months - if things carry on long term with the same temporary worker we offer a legacy discount on profit margin after 6 months, subject to terms and conditions.

Additionally we can (on request) cover employers liabiltiy on a vicarious basis so reducing your own costs / liabilities as an organisation - this is on approval as we need to involve a third party provider but in most cases for no extra cost. 

Our vetting process

Pre Screen interview

Check right to work in the UK face to face in line with Government guidelines

Two references followed up with and stored on file, available to you

Qualifications verified on request via awarding institution