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Permanent Recruitment

Since we started in 2016, permanent recruitment has been our most popular service. Whether your interest is driven by new pharmaceutical or medical device development or the increasing demand for your synthetic chemistry expertise, we have the network and searching skills to find the next permanent scientific recruit for your business.  

Our process begins with candidate identification which is from a mix of job boards, social media but mainly networking. Our process is to work long term with candidates both active and passive, and we believe that a good shortlist should always contain both. Active candidates are easy to come by, a quick search of one of the major job boards will tell you the last person who posted their CV, however the best candidate is statistically unlikely to be that person, or even be someone that see’s the ad. This is where a good recruiter comes in for you.

For example, if we want a successful PhD with 3 years experience one thing we’ll be able to bring is a 3 year relationship with a PhD who may be in a role and doing well without it being a priority in their successful career to update their CV but in contact with us. A job board or advert will never pick up this candidate, a driven recruiter will, and they may be the best match for you. 


Constant networking is the driver to any recruiter’s success. The ability to build and maintain a strong network is what sets us apart. By fostering close ties to academia, industry and running candidate focused events we can effectively build this network to work for you the client. A small % of candidates are actively on the job market and apply to an advert, a great many others are passive with a current CV but unlikely to apply and this is the network we build.

Job boards

One of the ways we add to this network and a powerful tool; job boards have been part of the recruitment landscape for 10 years now. They are a great way to ‘top up’ the network with active candidates, as part of a broader recruitment strategy.


2% of people interested in an ad go onto apply to it. What about the other 98% is the question a good recruiter will answer for you. We are experienced in writing engaging adverts which promote the role in the best light for you the client and, post this to the leading job boards.

Social Media

We get out of social media what we put in, by running focussed groups on social media platforms we can engage with candidates on job hunting.  Online ‘social recruitment’ is very much the current way it’s going and certainly one of the future means of working for us. 


What better way to be introduced than to find a candidate a job and have their friend call you on the basis they’ve been recommended. Good people tend to know good people and this is a means of organic growth for our candidate network. 

You can read several of our referrals both by googling our 5* reviews or on our homepage .