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Chemical Process Operator *shortlist closed*

Job Title: Chemical Process Operator *shortlist closed*
Contract Type: Permanent
Location: Cramlington
Salary: £24,000 - £35,000 + package
Contact Name: Matthew Rollinson
Contact Email:
Job Published: September 20, 2019 11:21

Job Description

Please note this shortlist is closed - link is being kept online to allow applicants in the interview process access to the job information. 


Chemical Process Operator




Salary £24,000 to £35,000 depending on skills and experience


Shift pattern-based hours (detailed below)


Permanent role


We are recruiting for a large multinational chemical company who are seeking Chemical Process Operators for their plant in Cramlington. This is a shift based role which calls for personal attributes over qualifications though Graduates are more than welcome to apply.


What you’ll do:


You will be responsible for following processes outlined in manufacturing instructions, which will lead to batches of high value being produced. The chemistry you will work on is extremely valuable, up to £1 million of chemicals will be in your control at any one time with mistakes potentially leading to this needing to be scrapped. If you are ok with responsibility keep reading…


With the above being said, you will be highly trained before in the position to take the reins, an extensive period of instruction and familiarisation will lead you to being responsible for physically moving chemistry within the site (for example raw materials being required to be added to reactor vessels), and monitoring reactions as they progress. The chemistry is extremely well understood so as long as things are followed to the letter then the reactions happen and the outcome will be the same every time.


We will need you to respond to what the equipment is then telling you, for example if you are monitoring a temperature change and require it to go no higher than X then it will be your responsibility to ensure this happens. The same will apply to adding the right additives at the right time, recording data accurately, keeping an eye on controls for temperature/pressure etc, in basic terms, if you can follow a recipe, then this process isn’t too far away from that principle.  


Main equipment you will interact with will be: 4,500 to 13,500 litre glass lined jacketed reactor vessels, distillation equipment, hoppers/apparatus to add chemicals to reactors, large scale filtration. You will be physically moving chemicals around the site and also the environment can be a plant, a clean room or an area requiring you to wear full body protective equipment, this all depends on the specific chemistry you are doing on that day.


All of the above will be under a strict health and safety regime and also a right first time environment. You will be working to GMP, in an FDA and MHRA monitored company.


Your background:


This is open in terms of education. As above, much of the role will be following clear instructions and therefore anyone with a background in responsible job functions, needing attention to detail, supervision of processes, and accurate data reporting will be a candidate for this role.


Areas like food manufacturing, oil and gas, the forces, there are several job areas that would give you the attributes to achieve in this role. Please be clear on your application (CV or cover letter) why this applies to you.


We would welcome graduates to this role who are keen to work in a chemical / pharmaceutical environment and happy with the job outline.


Working hours:


The shift system is 12 hour shifts, 2 days, 2 nights then between 4 and 6 days off. There is a summer and winter/Christmas shut down. Please note that the above also factors in holidays, however practically speaking people do swap shifts if their working day happens to land on a day they cannot do.


On this occasion, LiCa Scientific is acting as an employment agency.