Experienced Coatings Chemist Ref 10489

General Scientific
Manchester and surrounding
Greater Manchester

Has over 30 years of experience in formulation within the marine, inks, coatings, paints and niche markets in fire resistance and other environmental protections. 

She is seeking a role which will add to her experience over the years of developing products, having led to multiple patents. She's an open minded and innovative thinker, keen to undertake new product development. 

Key skills within: 

  • Innovation. Resilient and adaptive, curious thinker, successful in capturing available intellectual property, for new polymer /novel material technology platforms (NPI’s) - customer centric innovator.
  • Formulation Technology. Experienced in UV, 1K, 2K water based and solvent based systems (Including 100%). Formulated with latex polymers, polyurethanes, acrylics, polyfunctional amines, isocyanates, epoxy/amines, silicones, oxazolidines, (meth) acrylate/ peroxide, alkyd and more.
  • Polymer science. Captured novel polymer technology for next generation/ breakthrough products, Proof of Concepts (NPI’s) put through stagegate. Inventor of 3 patents involving new polymers.
  • Resourceful. Reviewed patents, technical literature use of Patent databases- Orbit and Pat Base
  • Adaptability. Conducted team research for new product development NPD start to finish.
  • Team work. Collaborations globally, with company polymer divisions, universities and suppliers to innovate together to develop and formulate the next generation/ breakthrough technology products.
  • Technical service. Performed global customer trials/support, application trouble shooting and training.
  • Time/project management. Interpreted own data on long term and short projects, achieved set out deadlines, overcoming complex challenges. Resilient self-starter and able to work as part of a team.
  • Presentations. Conducted multiple technical presentations to vast audiences, European consortium, universities and training on intumescent systems to wider Sherwin-Williams scientists in USA.
  • Process improvement. Problem solved paint manufacture issues/scale up, ensured first time pass.
  • Health & Safety. Risk Assessments, SOP’s, ergonomic assessments and COSHH
  • Regulatory. Working knowledge of REACH DSL/NDSL/TSCA and CMR’s
  • Analytical. Thermal analysis on fire and insulation coatings, FTIR, Rheometer, DSC and TGA.

Is immediately available to interview, or start a new opportunity. Ideally seeking a role in the North West however will look into relocation depending on circumstances.