Expert in Peptide Synthesis, Purification and Analysis

General Scientific
UK Wide
Willing to Relocate
Ref 10426

An expert in peptide synthesis, purification and analysis with 3 years experience managing a lab and team at a mid-market peptide-based drug discovery company. I have led multiple projects implementing and optimizing various analytical (HPLC, MS, UV-Vis, LCMS, LCMS/MS, QToF) techniques and automation systems, leading to significant increases in production throughput and efficiency.


As a senior scientist, I successfully grew and managed a cutting edge lab and team, ensuring their training and development aligned with the organization’s objectives. My project management skills were demonstrated during the execution of a challenging lab relocation, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.


In this role I was responsible for the operation, upkeep, and maintenance of 25 state of the art chromatographic systems and automated liquid handling systems in the chemistry lab, validating them for specific applications whilst continually optimising and improving older processes.


In addition to my core scientific expertise, I have cultivated a strong background in software development and data science, with reasonable proficiency in languages such as Python, C++, and VBA.


This technical acumen has allowed me to create innovative solutions for workplace challenges and outside the workplace fostered a growing interest in robotics, machine learning and deep learning algorithms.


My ability to adapt, innovate, and optimise; coupled with my deep technical knowledge and experience, makes me a versatile asset in any team. I am eager to further apply and develop my skills within analytical chemistry and automation, and I am always looking for new challenges and ways to contribute to the scientific community.