PhD Materials Scientist Ref 10291

General Scientific
Any UK
Willing to Relocate

PhD scientist who has experience of supervision of a team. He has been engaged in research interests around with titanium carbide research, which has been coupled to an organic molecule to make a Metal-Organic (MXene) framework and using this in CO2 capture with some work in mineralisation.

He has worked on many combinations within the MXene framework. Has been then characterising materials using TGA, XRD, SPS, and discovering morphology with TEM and SEM. Has experience of CO2 capture and some knowledge of mineralisation, would be interested in working in mineralisation though in the future. Statistical analysis and data visualisation bourne from the large amount of data produced during his research, his students do environmental monitoring and analysis.

He has been working on the ANNOVA, T-Test, F-Test, SD. Origin and SPS (and sometimes Excel) for statistical work. Has covered C4C fields including environmental monitoring this has involved taking environmental samples and analysing these for heavy metals and organics. He has previously been supervising 2 PhD's and 2 Masters students.

Most recently he's worked in supervision of staff in manufacturing of graphene related material for photocatalytic degradation and another working on graphene covalent photocatalytic degradation of contaminants. Making materials for absorption of contaminants such as pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors, this is in the direction of antipollution technologies. This is research in the direction of CO2 storage.