PhD Chemist, Physicist. Instrumentation Development. Ref 10058

General Scientific
Greater Manchester
Ref 10058

A physicist and chemist who has worked in development of RAMAN spectroscopy for improving detection. Her research background is a physics/chemistry mix taking in electronics and synthesis, to build an analysis tool to use gold nanoparticles to detect molecules of interest using RAMAN. She is interested in instrumentation development opportunities and will bring a mix of knowledge of electronics, lasers, signals and chemistry to work to the same development goals in Mass Spectroscopy for example. She is seeking a new role in the Manchester / surrounding area.

PhD Chemistry Awarded 2022 Synthesis and characterisation of nanomaterials, and investigation of applications in solar energy, disease diagnosis, and environmental monitoring.

MPhys Physics with Experimental Physics Awarded 2018 Finding potential biomarkers for prostate cancer and determining the suitability of Raman spectroscopy as a tool for medical diagnosis. This involved cell culture and analysis of Raman spectra.

Should you wish to enquire further about this candidate who is immediately available to interview, please email at or call LiCa Scientific on 0161 443 4173 giving reference 10058 and a brief on your opportunity. We can present this to the candidate and  send you their full CV.