Laboratory Manager Ref 0221

Analytical Chemistry
Greater Manchester

Laboratory Manager who is on the market due to redundancy, so is available immediately, and seeking to continue his career in this area.

He has been leading team in analytical chemistry on an operational, technical and hands-on basis. The main techniques the laboratory used to perform analysis were HPLC, GC, GCMS, and LCMS, although holds a depth of knowledge in other chemical areas and could lead teams in other technical fields. 

He was looking after all aspects of this laboratory from the service contracts to the day to day staff management. He is experienced in managing up and down, with management spread internationally so could apply this into organisations small and large, and has added a lot in technical guidance.

He has qualities in ownership, understanding, respect and taking responsibility. Broadly he has kept his teams working well and happy and feels that he’s able to get the very best out of people and resources.