MChem in Belfast will relocate ref 8549

Synthetic Chemistry
Belfast (or other UK)
Willing to Relocate
mid £20,000's

Has recently completed his MChem and is based in Northern Ireland and happy to relocate. During his MChem he completed a final year research project, where he was researching using flow chemistry to make a porous organic cage out of carbon molecules. This molecule will allow for absorbing atmospheric pollutants and fluorescent properties. The main aim of the project was to answer the question could this molecule be synthesised using flow chemistry.

By the end of the project he'd completed 30 reactions and changed conditions to adapt to the flow, with the migration from batch to flow chemistry meaning they could use things like higher temperatures in a closed system to push for a higher rate of reaction than with batch chemistry. The project and degree has given him a broad knowledge of organic and reaction chemistry which he now wishes to apply to industry. He interviews very well and clearly enjoys his chemistry, so has developed a strong interest in the field leading to a really good knowledge base in synthesis.