Materials Chemist Ref:8336

General Scientific
Greater Manchester

I am a final year Chemistry PhD student looking to take my first step into industry. I possess first-rate laboratory skills specializing in electrochemistry, spectroscopy, high-throughput methodology, and the characterization of self-assembled organic materials. I am now seeking a full-time position as a materials scientist to start in September 2022.

The skills I have developed include:

• Developing self-assembled organic materials as photocatalysts for water splitting/hydrogen production at the Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy
• Focusing on synthesis and modification of self-assembled hydrogels to optimize catalytic activity
• Spectroscopic studies of organic photocatalysts to uncover active species responsible for hydrogen evolution (pending publication)
• Designing organic photoelectrodes for water splitting to generate oxygen
• Performed catalytic screening to optimize oxygen evolution yields
• Optimized imaging setup for supramolecular self-assembled structures used to evolve hydrogen