Synthesis Chemist - Will relocate UK wide

Synthetic Chemistry
United Kingdom
North West

Is seeking a role in synthesis chemistry having completed his Masters in Chemistry recently. During the course of this and his prior degree in chemistry he’s gained a strong background in synthesis mainly via his dissertation projects. He has worked on a reaction process to make gold nanoparticles, which he developed by looking at new routes via heating, adding new reagents and changing reducing reagents and seeing what happened to final products as a result. Overall he was looking into what the routes would lead to after finding them in literature, and initially confirming what the literature was saying should happen, in pursuit of new particles by applying new reaction conditions to break new ground in this field.  


Prior has worked worked on a project which had applications in medicinal compounds, to find efficiencies and ecologically friendlier ways of manufacturing. He was working on a synthesis route which he'd read in literature, that used Chlorine in one of the steps, again checking to see if it worked before making changes to find a route which was more sustainable, ecologically friendlier and safer due to the absence of chlorine in the route. This, he then applied to a target molecule to see if he could synthesize the same molecule via the above better route.


He achieved this aim and then expanded on the family of molecules that could benefit turning attention to another medicinal compound that could have it’s production improved in the same way. He is keen to apply his interest in synthesis chemistry to his next role and interviewed very well with us, he can relocate and is available on a months notice to move to really anywhere in the UK when he finds his job offer.