Graduate Analytical Chemist Ref 7722

Analytical Chemistry
North West (Any area)
North West

Comes across as a really good analytical chemist who from interviewing I recommend anyone hiring for a graduate to be speaking with. Over the last 2 years she has been focussed on GCMS, LCMS, HPLC, ICP-OES and this year mainly focussed on FTIR, Raman, NIR and IR analysis. While her degree title is Forensics she took a conscious decision to study analytical chemistry and elective modules and her dissertation have been all in this field. 

This candidate wants an analytical chemistry job as she finds this the field of strongest interest and especially having worked even more on it in recent years has found it more and more what she wants to do. Her degree covered advanced pharma analysis as well as toxicology and drug analysis. She experienced a wide variety of analytical methods and built her knowledge well. 

She has done a final year project into developing authentication method for the COVID-19 vaccines using FTIR, handheld IR and IR Spec. She is working on a paper which is investigating Pfizer and AZ vaccines to look for the relationship between expected data and what is the overall chemical profile. This was carried out to produce a published method, available in the public domain, which gives a corresponding data set for comparison as there is a growing prevalence of counterfeit vaccines so hopefully this will help spot these. She’s been provided the bones of a method from the manufacturers and then modified this in the method used to provide a more efficient means of working. 

Most certainly comes across as someone who is keen to question using analytical chemistry and has a good curiosity and desire to learn. I think she will fit very well into any business.