Analytical/Organic Chemist Ref: 7431

Analytical Chemistry
North West

During my PhD I have worked independently to synthesise and characterise solid materials, during this research I have developed and demonstrated many subject specific technical skills in addition to more widely applicable professional competences.

Performed advanced data analysis using a wide variety of software: Matlab, Excel, OriginPro, and Spectragryph. Data analysis included development of perturbation induced 2-D correlation, deconvolution of overlapping peaks, and exponential decay analysis.
Synthesised carbonaceous materials using high pressure (<100 bar) and high temperature (<300 °C) sealed reaction vessels (autoclaves). Equipment maintenance required the replacement Swagelok fittings and ordering of new autoclave engineers components.
Fully characterised the combustion behaviour of carbonaceous solids using thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), bomb calorimetry, and CHNS analysis (chromatographic).