MSci Interested in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry
South West

I am an ambitious and tenacious recent graduate from the University of Bristol (MSci Chemistry), looking to start my career using the skills I have acquired during my education. In my final year, I was able to work on researching PROTAC pharmaceuticals, which I found myself very passionate about and would love to continue to pursue scientific research and hands-on lab work when launching my career. I am self-motivated and happy to adapt to whatever roles may come my way as a highly intellectually curious person and strive to add value to any team I am part of, with the necessary stamina for a fast-paced work environment as evidenced by my consistent achievement of excellent results in a broad range of subjects whilst also balancing steady employment during and around my studies from the age of 14, in addition to extra-curriculars. I am committed to self-improvement and training and looking to start my life post-full-time education while continuing to learn and grow.

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