PhD Synthetic Chemist REF: 7063

Synthetic Chemistry
West Midlands
The Candidate is ideally seeking a role within a CRO and Synthesis Lab where his skills and experience can be utilised. 
The candidate has over all Sixteen years plus experience in Research and Development field, including more than seven years of experience in the safe handling and use of 14C & 3H and Deuterium labelled molecules and synthesis of Nano-particles. Their PhD was in Organic Chemistry and had an element of Radio-Chemistry. 
Main Skills:
  • Conversant with synthetic laboratory apparatus set-ups and instrumentation
  • Synthesized different types of compounds in milligram to gram scale and delivered in time
  • Multi step synthesis, Purification and Characterization of Organic molecules by modern Chromatographic and Spectroscopic Techniques
  • Good knowledge in separation techniques-chromatographic and solvent extraction methods
  • Good experience to work safely and efficiently with moisture sensitive reactions
  • Well acquainted in planning sequential synthetic methods, characterization and strategic approaches for obtaining desired molecules in moderate yields and high purity