Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Assurance / Regulatory
Plainview, New York
Matthew Rollinson

Quality Assurance Manager

Plainview, New York

$120,000 + Package (medical, vision, dental, 401k …)

We are working with an inline process spectrometry company who are seeking a colleague to join in leading two segments in their Quality Assurance activities, as well as their Returns management activities (RMA) in a hybrid role.

Our client is a manufacturer of inline process spectrometers, which utilise NIR, Raman, UV-Vis and LIBS methodologies.

The result of this is providing real-time data on chemical and physical parameters rather than waiting for lab analysis to turn around. This allows for time-critical monitoring and leads to waste minimisation and other benefits tied into improved yields (economic, ecological etc).

What you’ll do:

This role will be centred on two areas of activity:

Quality Assurance:

· Analyze the data thoroughly to find the areas of growth

· Develop strategies to improve the production process

· Eyeing on the objectives to maximize the profitability of the organization

· Providing training to individuals who handle the product

· Make sure whether the product goes through auditing and testing

· Make sure whether all the legal standards are met and review thoroughly the existing policies and standards

· Review the organization’s process to ensure whether they align with the current policies

· Formulate timely reports and documentation to track progress

· Identify the training requirements to meet the quality standards, train the team

· Develop and monitor corrective measures

· Make documentation of internal audits and quality assurance activities

· Prepare and successfully run the yearly external ISO 9001:2015 audit process

· Plan, conduct, and monitor the test, and inspecting the products to ensure its quality

· Look at customer complaints

· Analyze the data to find the areas for improvement

· Manage relevant KPIs

Returns and Service:

· RMA handling- Complete returns and exchange process are handled and monitored by the Returns department

· Runs the initial troubleshooting and diagnostics for root cause

· Parts are returned to vendors as needed

· Generation of 4D/8D reports

· RMA/ Non-conformance gets regularly summarize in the QMS

Your background:

· Electrical Engineering degree especially required

· Knowledge of handling & troubleshooting optics, electronics, and mechanical parts.

· Ability to read and follow test instructions of spectrometry products

· Ability to use hand tools for assembly and soldering irons

· Sufficient PC knowledge, hardware, and software (WORD, EXCEL), ERP system etc.

· Knowledge of analog design, e.g., SMPS (topologies Buck, Boost, Flyback, LLC/Resonant Converters), and EMI/EMC

· Experience with measuring conducted and radiated EMI; digital design, and knowledge on MCU, CPU

· Assembler and higher languages such as C/C++/C#, knowledge on what a register is; and how to build a counter

· Knowledge of what an FPGA is, what HPLs such as VHDL and Verilog are; the difference between active and passive components; basic OPAMP circuits (differentiator amplifier, integrator, subtractor, inverter, etc.)

· Understanding of high-pass and low-pass; Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current Law

· Proficiency of ADCs; UART, I2C and SPI

· General knowledge of electronic components; how a transistor works, Flip-Flop Circuits etc.

· Experience with measurements using an o-scope and multimeter

· Having relevant experience in quality inspection, auditing, and testing is an added advantage

· Ample experience in implementing corrective/preventive measures

· Quality assurance knowledge of tools and methodologies

· Certification programs in Six Sigma, Quality Improvement associate, quality auditor, and quality engineer

On this occasion, LiCa Scientific is acting as an employment agency.

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