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How we work together

As a candidate we are driven to place you into your next role, ultimately this is what we all want. Our clients are in the biotechnology, chemicals, medical devices and pharmaceutical markets. We recruit for laboratory roles up to management level, these are temporary or permanent.

Our approach is to initially understand why you’re looking for a new job, and what are going to be the key factors making this move a reality for you.

Job hunting breaks down to two key things driving it, push and pull factors. A push factor is what is pushing you out of your current situation, this doesn’t have to be a negative for example you may be finishing a course or excelling in a role you’re keen to develop from. However, at some point something has compelled you to write your CV and we’re keen to understand this.

A pull factor is what will then attract you into this new organisation, many provide us with ‘progression’ as being the key pull factor and we do endeavour to have details on the clients own approach to this for you. In addition, you may be motivated by other features, money, work/life balance, company location, a permanent contract if you are in a temporary role. There a many reasons for being motivated by a move, and every candidate is different.

Our clients equally have a culture and way of working, some will suit you and some will not and a big part of our contribution to them and to you is to understand things to the level where we can make a recommendation to the client based on you and your values as much as your skills.

The best way to work with us, is to know we want to get you into the job you are happy with. That may be the one you applied to or another. Therefore do discuss these motivating factors with us. We do a lot of meetings on the phone/skype or are based in south Manchester with a national network of offices at our disposal for meetings off-site.