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Permanent Opportunities

If you are seeking a permanent role or in a recruitment process, then this area is for you.

The majority of the permanent roles we work on are known to us for some time in advance. You’ll notice on our website that it can sometimes seem repetitive and the reason for this is we do tend to support expansions in big companies, and find clients come back for the same in future. For this reason, we work off a network for many jobs, and are always keen to add to this network.

Often clients will have discussed a job with us for a few weeks or months in advance of it going live and we will often have an understanding of what’s coming up as well as the website if we’re cleared to discuss externally it by our client.

FAQ – How long will this take? Easily the most common question and the answer is driven by two factors one is our abilities as a recruitment agency the other is – you. As a quality candidate how long will you hang around? We tend to be able to get a vacancy to shortlist within a week, some clients interview the week after and if you’re available then it’s a case of a 2 week turnaround. We rarely work with people for more than 2 months either by this time if motivated and not encountering difficulty then you’ll be placed in a job one way or another.

Please consider how quickly the above might be, do you have holiday days available at work? Also do read your contract, how long would your notice period be?  

Longer periods of the year are August or December. Reason being most clients have a decision making process involving at least three people and one is always on holiday in these months. Always.

FAQ – Should I write a cover letter? In my view if it’s good enough to go on a cover letter how come it’s not on the CV, CV writing guide is available *here* and advice is use the cover letter to expand on any area of the CV that you’re not comfortable with having a huge level of detail on in the CV. For example, an in depth review of a project in a role you think matters to the job or more personal factors that would make this job ideal for you.  Cover letters are not essential.

FAQ – Updated CV? Having worked in the industry 14 years this is a new problem, and a pain.

Problem: 50% of our CV’s come in via application and mobile phone applications are a growing thing via apps. You now rely on Job Board X or Y to send us your CV. Years ago this wasn’t a problem as you did a drag and drop from a desktop to an email or posted it and could check it. Beware this issue.

Solution: Ensure if you’re on a job board applying in this way you have your current CV on there.

FAQ – PDF CV? Please send the CV in word format we remove your contact details before sending it out and put our logo on there so the client knows which agency has sent it in. For some reason the human race has sussed out putting a space probe in orbit the scan the inner core of planet Jupiter… but PDF to Word conversion is still beyond our grasp.

FAQ – any news? Perhaps, we’re selective about what constitutes news and would warrant a phone call to you, mainly we call about interviews and offers. We regularly talk to our clients and pick up levels of interest so can have a chat anytime on the smaller picture away from this.