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Five tips to make a winning start to a new job

Five tips to make a winning start to a new job

08 Mar 12:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Five tips to make a winning start to a new job

Following a record Q1 we’ve worked on a number of job moves in 2018. These are our tips on how to make that first day a winning start.

  1. First impressions count – on the first day, dress a little bit smarter. Basic things like polishing shoes, going for a haircut and getting a fresh new shirt on are easy gains but will help create that first impression. You’ll likely meet a lot of senior people on day one whom you may not interact with so much after so this is a chance to get that first impression spot on.
  2. Arrive fresh and ready – you’ll be given a lot of information on the first day, and people will be getting their first impression of you as a colleague so for the weekend prior have an easy weekend and try and be as rested as possible.
  3. Work out logistics – if you’re driving in where you’ll park, if taking the train what the times are etc. A test run if you have the time is ideal.
  4. Listen to everyone – Early in my career I had a health and safety briefing during a busy induction day. I took a pen and pad, and took notes as like any meeting. The trainer thanked me after for being engaged, and said often people don’t pay attention and appreciated being listened to. Turns out that trainer was the PA to the Managing Director and a key colleague in my career there. Whatever you’re asked to do, give it full attention and be engaged.
  5. Prepare for colleagues questions – your CV will perhaps have read “socialising with friends” under hobbies and interests and not much more and your team will want to get to know you. Decide what you want to say ahead, 3 things should do fine for now and give that good impression of you outside of work.

Good luck in your new job!