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A good impression… what’s it worth?

A good impression… what’s it worth?

16 Mar 16:00 by Matthew Rollinson


If you’re reading this, you’re on our website. Which means you’re probably looking for that next career move in the scientific markets.

One often overlooked part of the recruitment process is the bit that happens right at the start. Before the interviews are requested or offer letters are drafted.

The first impression.

When you meet someone, as a human being, you make several judgements within the first few microseconds of the interaction. These assumptions are largely social, physical and economic and you’ll make around 7 of them. It’s obvious stuff if someone’s dressed in a hoody with their head down looking at their iphone, you’ll assume they’re different as a person to someone in black tie carrying a briefcase.

A less extreme example of this, is the first impression you make in recruitment. It takes around 10 further interactions to get past a negative first impression. Consider that for a second, how much easier things will come your way if your first impression is good and all that energy on rectifying it could be spent building your prospective employers view of you.

Give yourself an audit, how could yours be improved. Is the CV spell checked and up to date, have you different ones depending on the job areas you’re applying to? Is your answerphone message professional, if you’re on holiday do you put out of office on?

A good first impression is worth its weight in gold in a recruitment process, where the margins between candidates can be very fine indeed.