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Recruiter tips for Q4

Recruiter tips for Q4

30 Oct 16:00 by Matthew Rollinson


It’s freezing today in Manchester and this reminds me it’s nearly the end of 2017. That flew!

Recruitment as an industry is something I’ve been involved in for 15 years so I’m used to the year having various predictable times in terms of how much recruitment is going on, and opportunities for planning away from the frenzy accompanying a large lab expansion.    

We don’t tend to expect many people starting roles in December, as in many cases it’s far more straightforward onboarding someone in January.

While you get companies wanting someone in the door so they can attend the company xmas do and such, many just find it more convenient going for January. So typically here we get a bit more time for dedication to management, setting budgets and planning the year ahead.

How does this affect the job hunting as a candidate? Well, this year so far has been a very busy one indeed. At LiCa set ourselves a tough 2017 placement target but then hit it in September (and I’m proud to say were able to support a couple of good causes in doing so). So even if the market is ‘quiet’ in Q4 2017, it’s still pretty full-on compared to the recession recovery years prior to this.

“If you know what you want – you’ll know when you’ve found it”

The roles that are out there do have more time linked to them due to the possibility/likelihood of a January start. So, we are seeing longer time-to-hire periods meaning for a job seeker now is perfect to be on the market. Why?  

Well during the year we’ve seen some very busy periods where people have had to make decisions very quickly. Sometimes deciding to relocate and doing it in a matter of days even!

This time of year, with the longer time-to-start looming, allows for a good period of time for you in carefully contemplating the next move and reviewing the market. If you know what you want – you’ll know when you’ve found it.


If you’re writing your CV, then the following should be points of consideration for all job hunting:

  • WIIFM – what’s in it for me. Why are you writing your CV as in the Most Important Thing or MIT as we acronym loving recruiters like to say… we all like money and it’s fine to hunt for a higher salary, location, more agency/autonomy, better company culture and more progression opportunities…
  • Who has your ideal job? You must have met someone before that’s had your ideal job or have an idea of what this role would be for you.
  • What part of your role do you not want to replicate? Halfway through writing this I bumped into another entrepreneur I know at lunchtime, we both agreed that not having to provide company reports every 5 minutes are worth all the stress of running a business on their own. What’s your thing you desperately want to leave behind? Make sure this is not a feature of your new job.

 “statistically… It’s highly unlikely your perfect job happens to be out there the moment you start looking”

  • Do you need to move? Title changes and technology advancements aside, my job is the same as it was 15 years ago.  You may be in a good spot already that makes you very happy and fulfilled, and do read our previous blog on reasons to stay precisely where you are, maybe fix a thing or two.
  •  Is this a good moment to be on the job market? Speaking purely statistically, it’s highly unlikely that your perfect job happens to be out there the moment you start looking. Sure, take a look, but know that some job moves we do take months on end and our network goes back years and years. By at least networking with people working in recruitment in your field, you’ll be plugged into the market for the next time that ideal role comes around. In the meanwhile if your job is ‘ok for now’ you can stay while attending interviews as good roles arise on a more ad-hoc basis.

So, answer the above questions before setting about your job hunt. Take your time and if the right role isn’t on offer, do register for updates and catch up with us in the new year.