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Reasons the career move works!

Reasons the career move works!

06 May 15:00 by Louise Hall


During a candidate assessment on the phone last week the tables were turned on me and I was asked a question relating to my experience - ‘do I prefer what I do now to my previous roles?........

It took me by surprise and I had to think before I could answer! The roles are so different it is hard to compare! 

Now – Scientific Recruiter

Previously - Analytical Chemist on to QC Manager, over 14 years!

After pause for thought my (considerable) answer:

I have been lucky in that, so far throughout my career I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenging roles I have had (sure there’s been ups and downs, and like everyone…times when I’ve had enough for that day/week!) – enjoying success in the Analytical Chemistry field over many years, problem solving, investigating, collaborating with colleagues (Research Chemists, Production Chemists, customers) on projects, developing staff and watching them grow their ability and achieve success themselves. Moving into Scientific Recruitment was a considered choice and for me was all about timing – the right place, at the right time after meeting the right people – and so here I am. The challenges are different and I’m continually learning in this role as I have in previous roles.

Interesting? Absolutely……interacting and talking with many different scientists, from different backgrounds all with different experiences to share. My background in chemistry enabling the technical aspects of the roles to be a two-way discussion and so the chemistry interest is still there for me and I’m sure its appreciated by both the candidates I talk with and the clients I assist in finding their next hire.  

For me it’s not a case of preferring one job over another – it’s about enjoying and being happy in what I am doing at the time! 

So now I want to talk about Transferrable Skills – which relates well to the above article. Recruitment wasn’t an obvious choice for me, “that’s sales isn’t it…...I’m not a sales person”!


Skills from Analytical work:

Problem solving, networking, customer relations, reporting via email/TC (telephone calls)/presentations/meetings, interacting with colleagues at all levels, mentoring staff and peers……...I could go on

 All are skills that I call upon and ‘transfer’ to my role as a Scientific Recruiter. So for your job search, if you want to make a change but don’t think you can/don’t know how -  be creative, start by thinking about the skills you utilise every day in your current role and how you could make use of them.

Happy Job hunting!