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Communication - the key to success

Communication - the key to success

08 May 13:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Communication is key to being successfully recruited. The phrase ‘soft skills’ is overused in HR and implies that skills like communication, teamwork, respect and time management and such are somehow less important than the ability to walk into the laboratory and use the analytical chemistry kit on the bench.


It’s in actuality the other way around, when interviewing, I’m interviewing the personality first, and the technician second.


Recently we updated our candidate representation agreements, within this we commit to a certain standard of communication to keep things flowing. If you’re a candidate or about to be one, this standard is important to know about going in.


  • Returning an SMS text message same day before 8pm where possible and within 24 hours
  • Checking email daily and returning a missed call or email within 24 hours between hours of 8am and 8pm
  • Responding to emails to confirm receipt and understanding of anything pertinent.
  • Being available for interview on 1 weeks notice or notifying us of forthcoming holidays or other unavailability


Should you apply for a role on the website today and have the CV sent forward, you’ll be sent over an agreement to accept (or not). We commit back to exactly the same standard back to you.