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Interview Confidence

Interview Confidence

05 Apr 14:00 by Matthew Rollinson




“the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something.”


Every week at LiCa Scientific we have candidates interviewing for roles so are daily having pre-and-post interview conversations with people who are meeting our clients.

This blog is about one area which comes up regularly both in the direct questions, but also in the implied indirect questions our candidates have – confidence.

How to build confidence ahead of an interview…

In most cases interviews are nervy experiences. For me as a recruiter, I don’t worry about the candidates who are nervous I worry about the ones who are not. The latter group usually aren’t taking things seriously enough if they want the job, or perhaps don’t mind much about getting the role, either way this sets us up for struggling.

Confidence is something that people tend to have more of in you, than you genuinely have in yourself. People tend to get confidence the wrong way around, there’s nothing wrong with lacking confidence as most of us indeed do, your job is the build it in others.

An example of this is found in any sport, take professional golf or tennis for example these players have achieved the top of their game earning millions on various tours, yet, to a player, have coaches.

What qualifies their coach? Are they or were they better than the player? Not in most cases, they make the player act and feel better though. Confidence in you comes about via the same coach/player relationship. You need to make people act confident in you, not you in yourself, by your own actions.

But what makes for building confidence when you’re not feeling confident?

Amy Cuddy, whose TED talk has been viewed 40 million times and more, coaches faking it. By changing body language for example (posture, clothing, facial expressions) she coaches people on their outward signals to the world and helps people get presence. Her video is a must-watch and covers it far better than a blog will.

By making the outward signs to the world that you are confident, you become confident. Look at the dictionary definition above, confidence is belief in something. You.

You might not be feeling your best in your own mind… however look act and talk like you are and people will believe you’re confident. And you will be.