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Easter – Springtime is here….

Easter – Springtime is here….

13 Apr 14:00 by Louise Hall


Springtime is generally seen as a time of renewal and rebirth, the natural world around us transforms and this invigorates us…..a time to spring clean our homes, lives, perspectives – maybe a new start!

Much like a flower a career needs time to grow and develop – the right nurturing and input can have significant importance. To grow and develop your career in the right direction you should take time to evaluate:

Where are you?

-Are you happy in your current role but would prefer to move companies?  

-Are you happy in the company but would like to move department/role?

-Would you like to relocate in order to be closer to family/city/countryside?

Assessing the above and more will help move on to the next:

Where do you want to be?

-If a new company is on your radar, what is their profile – this detail will assist in the search for more opportunities in a similar companies.

-Promotion within your department/company or a different career direction?

-a new location, where and why?

How do you get there?

-do you need to upskill in order to attain that promotion, will your employer support your training?

-for new companies and locations, research will be your biggest asset – know your market and follow the leads.

Sometimes a sideways step maybe necessary in order to move forward – enabling you to grow in a new environment. So just like our homes spring can be a time to take stock and refresh our careers!

Enjoy the coming holiday whatever you are doing and come back invigorated for your next move!


Contact Louise Hall at LiCa Scientific to discuss any part of this.  

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