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LiCa Expands

LiCa Expands

07 Dec 17:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Specialist science recruiter, LiCa Scientific, is expanding its operations following increased demand for talent within science and pharmaceutical industries. Following a successful 2016, LiCa Scientific has appointed Louise Hall as a Scientific Recruiter A specialist in analytical chemistry, Louise brings 14 years of experience of the chemicals industry, as a laboratory manager and leader at a multinational chemicals business.

The Stockport-based LiCa Scientific works with clients in pharmaceuticals and fine-chemicals, supplying scientists to develop new drugs and materials to roles in the North West and across the U.K. The company’s clients include some of the largest global scientific companies.

Louise Hall, Scientific Recruiter says: “There is a well-publicised shortage of scientific skills in the UK, so recruiters are more and more critical to businesses, allowing them to find the right candidates in a hugely competitive environment. LiCa Scientific is the recruiter of choice to several high-growth scientific businesses.

“I have over 14 years of experience within the chemicals industry, most recently as a Quality Control Manager. This gives me an understanding of the complex needs from a client perspective, which is crucial to securing the best candidates for right roles.”

Matthew Rollinson, Director at LiCa Scientific, says: “Our clients are typically seeking a highly specific profile of scientific skills and it is essential to them, and us, that we can identify and interview these candidates in an efficient manner. Louise’s scientific background and years of experience will add significantly to our team and improve the service delivery to our clients.

“There are several factors driving growth in the scientific sector, these opportunities to grow will only be realised with the right skills in the right place, at the right time. Be it the development of new drugs or materials, or growing successful enterprises, we are in a fantastic position to support businesses of all sizes as they look to add to their teams. This expansion of our business will ensure we continue our successful growth trajectory over the next 12 months.”