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5 signs your working for the right company

5 signs your working for the right company

07 Dec 16:00 by Matthew Rollinson


We regularly work with individuals who are on the job market due to being unhappy in a current role however there are many signs that actually things may be ok in your current business. Here are 5 signs that you might be in the right place:

  1. You are progressing and know where the next promotion will be coming from. This matters as almost every in-work candidate we register gives their primary reason for a move as progression. How this manifests itself if is in monetary and responsibility developments, but also knowing where the next step up will come from. If you have regular interactions on this, some element of control on climbing the ladder then this is a good thing that not every company does well.
  2. You can raise a concern confidently. Many people we interview describe company-cultural reasons as the reason behind a move. For example the inability to raise a concern without worrying about blame or repercussions and more of a constructive attitude to problem solving. Again a good reflection of the company and it’s respect for you.
  3. You are in a whatsapp group your boss doesn’t know about / go for after work drinks with people out of your department / generally have a social edge. Work is a social thing when you break it down, and having the informality to mix with the often very odd and unnecessary formality of company life can be very healthy. Again this is a good reflection of the company’s trust and commitment to your keeping happy… and rest assured your Boss knows full well there will be a whatsapp group.  
  4. You are not working in an echo chamber. Many companies have issues arising and bemoan department X or Y not doing their jobs, staff in teams being perceived good or bad. Good companies tend to not raise the same concerns back to back, more see it as a nice spot of continuous improvement and try and move on. Again if you only see errors happen once or twice before getting sorted this is a good sign.  
  5. Work is convenient. If you find work is flowing well and you are not finding the commute or travel demands a huge inconvenience this helps keep happiness levels high. There’s something to be said for getting a decent breakfast in and seeing the family in the evenings. Again in this age of nightmare commutes and transport problems this is fast becoming a good sign that your employer is allowing you a good work:life balance.

If you are missing any/all of these in your current work then it could be time to look at the job market to see whether a better fit might be out there for you.