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How to assess a job opportunity

How to assess a job opportunity

05 Nov 08:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Chances are if you are on our website you’re on the job market in some way and this blog is about how to assess the postings we have on the website to get the most out of your job hunting.

The first thing to consider when on the market is what are you looking for, tangibly, from being on the job market. Typically people are looking for one of four things:

  • Better financial return from their work
  • Better work:life balance i.e. a shorter commute or more sociable hours
  • Moving away from an environment they do not like or feel they are flourishing in
  • Improvement in qualification leading to better options i.e. completing a degree/MBA

We rarely encounter candidates who are just looking, almost everyone would change something about their job. Identify what this is, write this down.

Secondly check which of the above broad categories you are in, make this your main mission and base searches tightly to this goal.

Finally consider the next move carefully, personally I believe a great deal of people are in a less than perfectly matched job. Think about it, what is the likelihood at the point you were last on the market, given the quality of search you did that you found the best option out there for you? Statistically not great, unless you had a fantastic recruiter guiding the way or knew the job you wanted to a high degree of certainty. 

You can influence things to ensure you get the right role.

Firstly, be picky, this is your career you get about 40 years at it and then it’s done. Each wrong job move robs you of not only 10% of that time sorting things back on track, but also the experiences you may have had. So, 90 minute commutes, bad working hours, companies you hear bad things about… avoid avoid avoid. Trust your gut. On our side sometimes we're dissapointed when people withdraw from roles but do completely understand. 

Secondly, nobody hates making more money but question are you actually making any with the move. A job offer a little more distance away paying £3,000 a year more than your current £30,000 salary is a good idea right? Consider though what this means after tax? £170 a month or £40 a week, or £8.00 a day. Now, this isn’t to be sneered at however what if you drive an extra half hour in rush hour to get to work? You just burnt your raise right there in time let alone committing costs. Consider the bigger picture. On the flip side an employer for this same £30,000 job locally may be offering life insurance, good pension and healthcare some of which is tax-free benefit. 

Finally, what is important to you in the company, everyone has values and some want to travel lots, some need money some need security. Our clients also have values. We meet these companies, get to know them very well and can match you to them at this value-level. This means you aren’t just finding a matching job but a matching employer, you join that group that are in the best job out there for them. This is what we’re going for when we introduce candidates to our clients.

Contact us at for a consultation if you are browsing the website or to discuss career goals we’ll be keen to talk.