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4 tips for the job market in November / December

4 tips for the job market in November / December

21 Nov 22:00 by Matthew Rollinson


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless you are on the job market in which case your CV is competing with your prospective boss’s project deadlines, year end budget, team vacations and probably a few trips out of the office on Christmas parties. So, how do you get noticed at this time of year once the mulled wine and mince pies start flowing? Read on…

Manage your availability (it’s likely limited!)

At this time of year, if you’re in work you probably have used up most of your holidays and the lab holiday calendar is filling up. Indicate your availability in your email application perhaps you have an early finish on a Friday or can regularly work from home a particular day and have a ‘long lunch’ (interview) that day. People are far more likely to pick an option they can say yes to quickly than be asked to suggest options. “Can we meet Friday afternoon at 15:00” is easy, it’s a yes. “what time are you free at back end of next week” is an erm-ahh question with a “I’ll get back to you” answer.

 Write cover letters, and use an in-date CV

We’re recruiting scientists to analyse drugs and chemicals, it’s a serious business with some of the best and tightest documentation control around. We need people good with documentation, and who value good communication.

Little puts this across better than the good old cover letter on the CV. You have an option to send one to every one of our adverts it’s a powerful way to stand out from others who do not.

Little does this worse than using an out of date CV - it’s pointless it’s like giving someone out of date milk to put in their coffee. Looks ok at first... but they're not able to use it even if they badly wanted to! 

If your CV’s not updated on your job board of choice please follow the next point and take the 10 minutes to review and update it.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast

Instead of applying quickly hit the pause button. Read the ad a couple of times before applying, consider why you want to pursue the role, perhaps check the commute out and reasonably question whether the salary is right for you a good website for this is  If any the elements of the job are not right you can call us 0161 300 9192 or email and we’ll get back to you.

By taking a few extra minutes or hours to apply you can put in a high impact application which we’re immediately able to promote to our client as we know you’re researched it well and are in a position to progress in their process. In December when everyone is time-poor this is a really helpful thing you can do.

Followup applications

At the moment the economy is good and in our agency things are very responsive we’re literally spending every moment finding CV’s for jobs and I’m writing this at 11pm on a Monday.

In such a busy time it can be difficult for a CV to stand out and be noticed but by spontaneously calling to followup you will find our consultants are happy to talk. Best times to reach us are mornings 9am to 11am at the moment. Good luck with the December job hunt!