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Four tips on how to appeal to recruiters

Four tips on how to appeal to recruiters

26 Oct 13:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Recruiters receive a significant amount of CV’s for any laboratory jobs we advertise and it can be difficult to pick out the best candidates. I personally rely on making calls and as far as possible meeting in person to assess quality of candidates in a scientific recruitment group I’ve assembled once we have received a well formatted series of CVs.

If you are considering updating your CV email for a free guide by the way…


How do we assess whether a candidate is good over the phone or in person?

Good question, it’s tough to work out if you are good in the laboratory from our offices, we are a UK Science Park location but are completely ‘dry bench’.

We tend to go off ‘how’ you describe your experience. So if you are sharp, good quick recall on the skills used and able to give a good overview of the degree course or last two jobs you held off the cuff, we are likely to consider you a good candidate.

Those who at this stage do badly are ones who do the opposite, forget project details or are difficult to bring information out of in terms of their work history/skills etc.

The reason is quite personal in that we all have in common that if something matters to us, we tend to remember it. For example, your spouse’s birthday, your phone number, your car registration etc. These details would not ever escape you as they are important.

If we’re faced with a lack of knowledge about the lab background the underlying message is this isn’t important enough to remember. This doesn’t come across well. So it’s important to remember as it comes across that you find this important, are taking the process seriously and are motivated.

If you re-read over your CV and background every weekend that your CV is out there on one of the job websites you will do better. In the same way an actor would perform better if they read the script that week, you will also perform better in calls having recently read your CV, projects etc.


So, what 4 things can you do to improve your calls with recruiters?

If you are on the job market, treat this like any other business process the difference being your personal ‘kit’ is being used namely your laptop and personal phone

  • Keep your phone charged and know where you get a decent signal, or provide us with a landline.
  • Send a word formatted, grammar checked CV, with consistent font sizes and typefaces, do not use a Pdf one. Grammar and spell check this CV. Read it backwards to spot spelling errors the computer may have missed especially in scientific terminology not in your dictionary. Always send an in-date CV, delay your application if necessary and update it first. Check each day for responses including junk items.  
  • Write well, and apply business etiquette in contacting only via email or phone SMS or voice call for formality. Things like whatsapp and facebook messanger are no no’s.
  • Have a nice professional voicemail set up indicating your availability to return calls if this is related to your CV, especially if you are in a full time job

Good luck with your applications and please keep a regular eye on LiCa Scientifics website