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Brand:You How to have impact in a recruitment process

Brand:You How to have impact in a recruitment process

28 Oct 08:00 by Matthew Rollinson


The impact you have on others is what will make you successful or unsuccessful. A famous quote on this is

“they will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, they will remember how you made them feel”

Your impact in a recruitment process be this a telephone call or in-person interview is about more than your knowledge and detail in answers to questions.

Breaking things down, your impact is made up of the following: 

  • Visual
  • Non Verbal Communication
  • Gravitas and presence
  • Attitude and outlook
  • Presentation Skills
  • Online profile
  • Personal network
  • Personal brand 

The above are all things you can proactively change for the better. Consider each one, are you 50% good, 100% good or 10% good in your view? How would you improve yourself in these categories? 

For a quick makeover of your brand, check your levels in the above list and ask which you want to focus on to improve. This can be as simple as buying a new white shirt for the next interview if your usual attire is getting worn, or improving the online profile to include a few more recent achievements, perhaps getting some recommendations on LinkedIn.

These are marginal gains, none of which in isolation will get you the job but together form the greater whole - which is your impact.

Secondly, in your mind, be positive. Tell yourself you are getting this job. Tell yourself the competition doesn’t matter as you will be beating them. Believe this to be true. Spend as little energy as possible considering who else is in the process.

Think positively about the interview, the day and look forward to meeting your new employers.

You may tend to use negative words depending on your outlook. Some people are naturally positive and the glass is half full. To others, not only is the glass half empty it’s not what they ordered!

Finally, It’s important you use positive words in your interview, to help here, read the below paragraph a few times before the interview in the carpark or on the train it will help you reach for positive words in your descriptions of your experience. 

Ambition Appreciate Approval Aspire Attain Benefit Capable Courage Courtesy Definite Dependable Desirable Determined Effective Efficient Enhance Enthusiasm Excellence 

Fitting Genuine Good Grateful Guarantee Helpful Humour Imagination Improvement Ingenuity Integrity Initiative Intelligence Judgement Lasting Loyalty Merit Notable 

Opportunity Perseverance Practical Prestige Proficient Progress Prominent Punctual Reasonable Resilient Recommend Reputable Salient Responsible Satisfactory Service Stability Success Substantial Superior Thorough Truth Useful