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Temporary Contracts

If you are applying for a temporary role or working for us as a temporary worker then this section is for you and will give you access to timesheets and give an overview.  

Overview: Temporary contracts are a means by which we support clients who need a certain skill set but for a short period of time. Typically they are of 6 months in duration or less, and you work on our clients premises under their instruction. Reasons for temporary contracts are varied this can be a short term piece of business a company is engaged in, a maternity over or a sickness absence that we are asking you to cover.

Often temporary roles can be decided upon quickly so job offers come faster, and once in post the main contact you will have with us is in submitting a weekly timesheet or booking holidays. They can be extended longer or shortened, and as you’ll read above can be prone to changes based on factors outside of the clients or our control. Notice periods tend to be 1 week though we do work to be better than this, however you’ll need to bear in mind whether you’re happy with this level of commitment in your contract.  

FAQ - Holidays: When working on a temporary contract you will be entitled to holiday in line with statutory holiday entitlement at time of writing 20 days plus bank holidays (28 days) taken at times of your choosing. This works on an accrual basis and therefore if you’ve worked a month you can take 28/12 days or 2.3 days. Holidays accrue quickly and we can provide an update on your holiday owed at any point. Once you have worked for a company for 3 months there is often an uplift on holiday to bring you in line with the conditions a permanent colleague would work under for fairness and compliance with UK law.

FAQ – Pay Frequency: You have the option of weekly or monthly payment, payday is Friday following the prior Sundays hours so the most you’ll have to wait is 5 days following your first timesheet going in.

FAQ - Contact with us: We are available anytime to answer questions you may have once you are in post, as a recruitment business we will need to ensure we keep up with our obligations such as compliance with UK employment law and this involved meeting you in person before and while you are on your placement. You will need to attend a meeting at our offices before starting any temporary role.