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Introduction to Blog Series:

Introduction to Blog Series:

01 Jan 20:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Introduction to Blog Series:


I’m writing this blog having now worked in the ‘new normal’ for several months now in lockdowns, tiers and such. This is a blog series about how to better approach the Scientific job market to get results. It is all straight out of my own playbook and it’s fantastic knowledge; and free.


A little about me before I get into things. I run a scientific recruitment company and for a while I’ve been wanting to put down in words what I regularly discuss 1-2-1 with my candidates in my calls. I’ve found a window over Christmas so here we go!


I’ve done what I do now for 17 happy years. 7 years of which I’ve been a company owner in Scientific Recruitment, which is the coolest job ever. I help Scientists, mainly Chemists, find jobs in Science in their fields of specialism or interest. I work with Universities, Multinationals, Mid Scale, Small Scale. My job takes me to Europe and the USA regularly (or at least used to) and I also consult with a global top-20 Management Consultancy around scientific staffing.


For a long time this job has been about helping people. I love helping people achieve what seems at first difficult and it never gets tired. The success of LiCa Scientific is a happy byproduct.


Anyway, enough about me.


There is a set of problems at the moment and early-career market access is, in my view, getting tougher. The recruitment market has changed massively in the last few years. I personally feel Graduates especially have a more difficult time as a result.  


Every generation blames the one before as they say… you guys genuinely can.


There are many factors that make this a difficult market, (COVID, Brexit, Weak Pound etc) however another one is how people are accessing the market. Specifically the issue this blog will help solve is your own effectiveness in approaching the market.


This is your problem to own, however it’s not easy to do and I’m here to give some pointers to help you to own this problem, and ultimately solve it.


I want to give you things which YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT and help you to proactively move ahead and get that job you want. This is the first of a series of Blogs I’ve been working on titled as follows.


1)Do Not Keep Secrets (CV’s and Applications)

2)Blame Your Parents (Telling Stories / Interviewing Better)

3)Put Down the Phone (Increasing Effectiveness)

4)Making people feel important (After all, why not?!)

5)The Product (How to sell Brand:You)


I’m going to try to keep these to 1 page and less than 1,000 words as I don’t want to lose focus. I am happy to answer specific questions and hope in putting this out there it helps. I’d love to hear any follow-up stories from out there.


Without further ado…