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UCLAN and Man Met Biosciences Events Followup

UCLAN and Man Met Biosciences Events Followup

08 Feb 16:00 by Matthew Rollinson


This week we had the pleasure of attending Biosciences events at both Manchester Metropolitan University AND the University of Central Lancashire. We engaged with hundreds of students at various stages of their academic studies and once again found the professionalism and knowledge of the job market to be a cut-above.


There were 4 or 5 main take-homes from these events and as promised I am writing a blog to followup and add some substance to the discussions we had.


  1. It’s never too early to start the professional career. is a must-register now for students, I’d argue once you hit A-Level it’s a good shout to think about your online presence. There is another blog on this which goes into detail about activities you can do on LinkedIn to begin to build market-presence (Manchester Metropolitan I’m popping in to talk about headspace around building your market presence and job-market confidence on February 27th). So, if you are in first year or second year, do press on with this. This will be in the All Saints building at 13:00.
  2. Know what you want. The job market is like going on a hike with a map if you don’t know where you want to be, it’s a frustrating process. At graduate level you do however have the most flexibility of any other time in your career – I get it – however even if you are uber-flexible on actual role, you will still have non-variables that you can build a profile with. These can be location, salary, company type, broad activities you’d like to do… before long you have a framework search you can put into totaljobs, monster, indeed etc…
  3. CV advice is all over the internet, our take on it is linked but ask 3 people you’ll get 5 opinions. The main thing to say is skills, skills, skills. The main thing your new boss wants to read, is evidence you can walk into their lab and do useful activities without further ado.
  4. CV Distribution is the next key thing. You can find details of where companies are on the following: Google Maps (search ‘pharmaceutical companies in town’, Bionow Directory, UKAS website (their geographic search function is very handy), UK Science Park Association, and above, LinkedIn.
  5. Connect to me on LinkedIn when you are set up. I’ve been working in Scientific Recruitment 15 years so you can imagine the network that goes with that. My contacts love to hear from graduates directly.


Once again thank you for coming to talk to us at these events we will be back at both Universities very soon and are always honoured to be invited to these events. Thank you to the careers teams for putting these together we know they don’t ‘just happen’ and a lot of behind the scenes hard work goes on, which is very much appreciated.


Best regards


Matthew and all at LiCa Scientific x