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Man Met Connections Cafe Followup

Man Met Connections Cafe Followup

25 Jan 21:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Manchester Met University Blog II


We headed to Manchester Metropolitan University’s famous Connections Café this week. It’s one of the best events for students I see, if you’ve never been the format is 15 or so companies arrive, and we each have a table that will fit 10 students.


It works on a ‘speed dating’ format where the 150 students will each get to a table and then site down for 5 minutes to ask the business leaders anything they like.


This year we were joined by Qiagen, HM Police, Concept Life Science, Agilent and Pagoda Projects and others. A fantastic group of businesses to get advice from if you’re looking at career options.


We were asked a lot of questions and I promised to address the top one in a blog, so here it is!


The main question that came up time and again was “can we help with Year In Industry placements?” Short answer is no we can’t, alright glad you came see you later!


Just kidding we think we’re some advice here and a couple of recruitment insider hacks you can borrow from us (just give them back when you’re done).  


Onto business. Finding a year in industry is in itself no different to finding a regular job.


The main difference being the circumstances that lead to you getting hired for this, mean that a direct approach to a lab manager could be the way forward.


You can be a bit more direct and, some may say, cheeky with a year out and hassle the lab manager. I’m sure none of our clients will read this… what could go wrong.


Just between us, and the entire Internet, here’s how you get the details of who the labs are, and who the lab managers are:


We suggest emailing lab managers directly, and two ways to do this exist. One is to use resources for the location and who’s who. Some of these are Pharmafile (, Bionow (an online copy of their 2015 directory is available here and will still be very useful) and the UKAS website you can use in a clever way to search for names of lab managers. You can do this by using the search function, click on the UKAS certificate (this is a classification given to a lab to certify they are working in a set manner) and typically the name on the UKAS certificate is the person running the lab. contact us for further hunting advice but you can use the search bar for a town, UKAS standard (i.e. 17025, 13485) or a company name. The UKAS certificate should have emails on here and other contact details.


You can write to these businesses expressing interest to work for them and we’d suggest doing this a good 20+ times to expect a degree of success. Getting recruited is a numbers game and a contact sport I’m afraid there are no shortcuts here.


Post is a strong tool in 2019 as it’s so rare to receive a letter that this older way of working actually makes you stand out!


Another useful web tool is this allows you to google a companies domain name (this works best for a small to mid scale business) and it will bring up email addresses for people working here.


If you write to these businesses with a quality CV (

) and a lovely cover letter, then your chances of working for them on a year out rise above the 0% if you had never done this.


Good luck!


Matthew Rollinson 

LiCa Scientific Ltd