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3 tips to make job market work a bit harder for you!

3 tips to make job market work a bit harder for you!

25 Nov 13:00 by Matthew Rollinson


Cv distribution and making job market work harder for you So recently we've seen a rise in a few CV issues that led to this blog. As mobile/online apps become the ‘new normal’ in our partners and our own website, we are seeing a couple of points candidates should be aware of. Application numbers seem high, so people are sending more cvs out however the job knowledge is low when we interview.

(1) With every cv sent, make a note to really read the spec and email an enquiry or two to us at the recruitment agency we'll be happy to answer and this will help you know if the job is really a possibility.

(2) CVs don't seem to be all that distributed away from agency registration. This goes back to the point above perhaps people feel ‘busy’ enough however many companies do not use agencies or recruitment sites. Remember we want you to know your onions - a good candidate for us is conscious of their options. Do a search on the local companies in science parks or the area geographically.

(3) Finally we continue to receive outdated cvs or ones not referencing core skills and it continues to be a labour of love to get CVs then out to clients.

Please take the 5 minutes - our clients trust us with time to get things right and we both want the best written cv not just the quickest cv. You can be assured you have time to spend getting it pitch-perfect!

If you are concerned about an ad having been live for a while just call in to check where it's up to.

Good luck with your applications and if you have any questions do contact us note our new email is