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We are a specialist scientific recruitment agency, our client base is fine chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Our specialisms are in analytical, formulation, production and synthesis chemistry functions.   

Our mission is to match scientists with organisations based on technical, career or life goals, for the benefit of the individual candidate and client company. This results in reduced turnover for companies we work with and greater satisfaction amongst the people we place who go on to perform all the better in their roles.

The company vision is to be highly specialised in finding the right scientist for the right role, while working in the most supportive and professional manner for all concerned.

We work with talented individuals from the candidate market, interview and understand their skills and background, and then respond quickly and accurately to clients asking for our support. Relationships are core to our success, and by taking the time and investment in understanding our clients and the candidates we represent, we are better able to match both. 

At LiCa Scientific we use the latest recruitment technology, social media connectivity and advanced search technology for ease of engagement by candidates to deliver a fast and effective recruitment service. 

Who we are:

Louise Hall - Scientific Recruiter

Highly experienced laboratory manager, 3 years scientific recruitment experience and client following in the multinational fine chemical area especially. Expertise in HPLC, LCMS, GC-FID and GCMS, NMR, ICP-OES, FT-IR, UV-VIS, KF and many wet chemistry techniques, bringing a unique understanding of roles from bench to senior leadership. 

Previously managed a large team of analysts & responsible for their recruitment giving her insight into recruitment from a clients perspective as well as her knowledge and experience as a consultant of several years experience. 

Aisha Butt - European Development Consultant 

Aisha is focussed on the development of the LiCa Scientific brand in continental Europe. She is a graduate in Life Science with a Masters in International Business. 

Matthew Rollinson - Scientific Recruiter / Director

15 years scientific recruitment experience in multinational recruitment companies, 5 years of which are as entrepreneur and expert in the UK running my own successful recruitment businesses. I mainly cover the fine chemical/pharma recruitment market. Like everyone at LiCa I’m focussed for 90% of my time on covering synthesis, production and formulation roles from a Europe-wide candidate base. Additional expertise in short term temporary recruitment alongside permanent staffing.

Into 2020 - having established fantastic roots and earned a wonderful client list in the UK since 2016, LiCa has been adding focus to the international markets where we believe we can have a strong impact.

This has led to a lot more travelling for us to Germany, Spain and the USA with plans in 2020 to head to Austria, Switzerland, and the USA on a couple more occasions as we develop our presence on a more global platform.

We will be at ChemSpec Europe in Cologne May 2020,  as always we make ourselves available for travel to Europe and the USA for Client needs, with close links to Manchester Airport we can make ourselves available in person where needed. 

We look forward to you reading about our successes on